The Importance and Benefits of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil


synthetic lubricant comprises of greatly refined base oils compare to the traditional mineral oil. Synthetic oil offers superior assurance, protection and lasting performance in one’s vehicles. It provides a number of benefits that makes one’s engine running optimal performance over the years. The benefits of synthetic oil will be well-appreciated once the history of it will be uncovered.


Differentiate the Conventional Mineral Oil and Synthetic Oil

The market offers two types of lubricants. The Conventional Mineral Oil, also known as the traditional type of lubricant differs with synthetic oil in so many ways. The list of differences includes what they can accomplish, the requirements for efficient functionality and composition.  This oil or lubricant has varying molecules which have different shapes that result in irregular surfaces at the molecular level of lubricant. This ends up for the generation of irregular friction within the fluid itself that increases power requirements and reduces the efficiency of the vehicle.

The second type of lubricant is the synthetic lubricant. This is engineered from chemical reaction which is achieved through the exact application of pressure and temperature. The components of synthetic lubricants are high in purity but with strong molecular bonds which results to a pure compound product which is less vulnerable to oxidation, resistant to breakdown and uniform molecular size. These characteristics of synthetic lubricants allows it to be more protective and efficient since it molecular size uniformity prevents the synthetics from jellifying when the temperature is low and its structure does not allow thinning-out under heat.

Both types of lubricants promise efficiency and performance. However, they greatly differ with the refining process which highlights the advantage of using synthetic oil as it has higher purity and quality. The refining process removes more impurities from the crude oil and enables the distinct molecules in the oil to be tailored  to the needs of the technologically advanced and new engines. This characteristic puts the protection and performance to a whole new level.

Why Synthetic Lubricants are more favorable?

Synthetic Lubricants perform in a very favorable manner to the owner of the vehicle and the engine itself. It results for a more a robust performance and allows pumpability and stability. It also allows protection against any other alien deposits. These characters allows the reduction of engine wear and tear issues, promotes fuel economy and lasting engine life.  This oil is specifically engineered to adjust with extreme conditions that are usually present in the modern engines. This promotes more free-flowing function compared to the traditional mineral oil used in the past.

One of the greatest benefits that one can get from using synthetic oil is the assurance of engine protection. This somehow allows the user or the owner to use its vehicle without worrying or stressing about the stability and protection of the engine. Once the engine has started while using a mineral oil, the circulation usually takes time which causes for the wearing of the un-lubricated parts, whereas the  using a synthetic oil starts the engine automatically and circulates to the entire system automatically and protecting all parts of the engine.

As what we have established earlier, synthetic oil promotes fuel economy. Since mineral oil is a lot thicker than the synthetic oil, it moves slower which makes the engine thirstier and less efficient. Synthetic oil on the other hand reaches the peak more efficiently and sooner since it is thinner and has more refined surface. Synthetic are also cleaner compared to the mineral oil. It is also considered to be more environmental friendly since it helps to cut engine emissions. In contrast to conventional mineral oil, synthetic oil doesn’t contain great amounts of impurities such as sulfur, hydrocarbons and other contaminants. There are many reasons why we should choose synthetic oil than the conventional oil.

Advantage of Synthetic oil

full synthetic

  • Performs Excellently in Low Temperature

It allows the reduction of internal friction and promotes an outstanding flow characteristic even in low temperature. All the components of the engine are well-lubricated which usually takes during a cold start-up.

  • Stable Viscosity

Synthetic lubricants should have the ability to resist thinning at higher temperatures which results to a more protected system.

  • Promotes Oxidation and Thermal Stability

This leads to less oil change and less interruption with the prospective of oil drain extension. All of these will definitely allow one to save more money and time.

  • Protection from Wear and Tear Issues

Synthetic oil assures a lasting protection against wear and tear.

Synthetic oil provides a lot of benefits which does not only guarantee a lasting and quality performance to a vehicle but also gives chance to the owner to save more time and money as what most of the synthetic oil reviews stated. It is always better to give more cautioned to possible issues instead of stressing one’s self with the cost and strains of having a mechanic fix his or her vehicle. I guess we just have to always consider the line, “Prevention is better than cure.”


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