How to remove a Stuck Oil Filter


Car engine oil is essential. It helps the vehicle to stay stable and in good shape for decades. Changing engine oil is recommendable because it aids in maintaining the car parts and lubricates the engine. It also acts as a coolant. It is recommendable to check the engine oil regularly and ensure that it remains clean. Some people opt to change the oil of their vehicles by themselves rather than hiring a mechanic for the task. It reduces the maintenance cost of the automobile. However, when performing the task, there are numerous risks because the oil filter may get stuck. It is one of the unfortunate things that can happen to you especially when you do not have the necessary skills to remove the filter. When this happens, you should not get worried because there are numerous tactics on how to remove a stuck oil filter from the engine. The methods below are proven and efficient.



Use of a screwdriver is one of the effective methods that can be applied. The technique usually involves driving of the equipment entirely through the sides of the stuck oil filter. Ensure the screwdriver is fixed in the tiny holes that are around the center threaded hole. Use a hammer to effectively drive off the filter base. Unfortunately, the method may leave the filter destroyed, and you may be required to replace it with a new one.


Precautions to take when using the Screwdriver method

Ensure that the device is strong and most preferably made of steel which is hard to break. It requires some energy to use the hammer and screwdriver to remove. Also, make sure the clothes you wear during the task are not white to avoid getting stains. It may make your clothes untidy. You should wear hand gloves and perform the job in a garage or outside the compound because the old engine oil will spill over the ground during the process. When removing it off a car using this method, be careful to ensure that you do not scar the surface of the engine.




It is another great method on how to remove a stuck oil filter from the automobile’s engine. The band wrench is made using wide and strong metal band. The method is popularly known by many people because it is widely used. It tightens against the canister of the filter when the individual performing the task applies force to the equipment. The mechanic or the individual removing the filter should use a new sandpaper to increase friction by placing it between the oil filter and the band. The friction will be enough to spin on the stuck object and remove it smoothly.


It is advisable to place the band wrench at the base of the oil filter to ensure that you reduce the risks of crushing the canister. The motor vehicle engine should be taken care of because the spare parts are very expensive. When you hire an individual to do the task using this method, make sure the person is well conversant with it to avoid unnecessary damages which may cost you huge amounts of money.




You may also use pliers for the removal procedure. The handles of the pliers should be efficient to avoid sliding of the equipment during the process. The pliers should be used at the base to ensure its protection. It prevents scarring of the parts of the engine. Use protective hand gloves to hold the pliers to avoid causing injuries to your hands.


To avoid the problems, you should make sure that you use the right procedure when changing the engine oil of your vehicle. The maintenance of the engine of any device is paramount. Most of the problems encountered when handling a motor vehicle can be avoided if you check the engine regularly and change the oil as recommended by specialists and mechanics. Below are some of the important aspects to consider when operating a vehicle to avoid issues of stuck oil filters and other mechanical problems.


Always Use the Recommended Oil Filters


There are numerous oil filters in the market. Always purchase the quality oil filter for the engine to enhance its durability. When the filter has crushed, ensure you replace it with a new one that suits your vehicle. Doing research using online platforms and asking friends who own motor vehicles will provide you with essential tips on the best oil filter to put on your automobile.

Always hire a qualified mechanic for the maintenance of the engine of your vehicle. The engine is a crucial part of your car. Make sure the repairs and maintenance of the parts of the engine is done by highly trained mechanics that possess the necessary skills. The mechanic should be reputable to entrust him or her with your automobile. Moreover, the specialist will offer you advisory support on how to change the engine oil effectively.


Avoid using non-recommended types of engine oils for your vehicle. Change the oil according to the miles indicated on the stickers of the containers they are packed. The manual of each vehicle has recommendations on the types of oils you should use on the engine. Cheap and ineffective oils will damage the engine of your car. The engine will crash and make you encounter uncomfortable moments when driving your car. The quality of the oil to use should be very high to ensure efficiency.


Toolbox requirement

Ensure that you have a toolbox equipped with necessary devices to use when changing oil and when removing the stuck oil filter. The tools will be essential when you decide to change oil and replace the crashed oil filter at your home or far from the garage. They will save you the headache of remaining stuck in your car waiting for a mechanic to arrive and change the filter or other parts of the engine. It is also advantageous to have core competencies of the maintenance of the engine when you own a car or any other machinery because this will save your time and hard earned money. When the above steps are followed effectively, the changing of the oil will be easy, and the replacement of the equipment will take a short duration to complete.


Save your car, Save Money

Various vehicle owners have been affected by the issue of stuck oil filter. They have used the above methods to solve the problem. When the small challenges that affect automobiles are solved promptly, the issues will not grow to be a big disaster to your vehicle. Motor vehicle oil Filters can be clogged up by contaminants. They may also wear out with time. Therefore, the oil filters need to be replaced with new ones regularly. It will ensure the automobile will run well for a long time without encountering any challenges. It is not a difficult task, and this will not consume your precious time.


In the US, numerous companies and service stations offer these services at affordable prices. They ensure that the oil of your car is changed as recommended by the manufacturer. The automotive technicians use high-quality skills and tools to ensure your vehicle is in good condition. When hiring a mechanic for your car, ensure that he or she is an employee of a licensed firm that is allowed to operate by the government. It will guarantee the safety of your car.


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