How Important is Change Oil Filter to Your Car?


The need to change oil filter is a required step in taking care of one’s car. If you are wondering what is the importance of change oil filter, this article will enlighten you. Oil filter changing it entirely depends on one’s vehicle condition and driving habits. The oil draining part will never be enough since there will be oil remnants that would remain in the filter. Thus, changing the oil filter should be done together with the draining. The oil filter is a very vital part of one’s engine and system operations. It removes the gritty and grimy particles in your oil that contaminates the driving force upon oil circulation through the system. Oil filters are very affordable. Is price ranges from $4 to $20. It is a needed service for one’s vehicles to keep the engine from running well.


Old air filters result in a problematic car performance and reduced fuel economy.  It blocks the dust, dirt and other unnecessary particles from getting anywhere near one’s engine. These particles can affect the engine by scratching away and wearing parts such as the cylinders and bearings which will automatically bring down the performance and even the life of one’s vehicles. Oil filters ensure that the engine still has the capability to take oxygen that it needs to convert power.

 Taking the driving conditions into consideration.

As what has been established earlier, changing oil filter also depends on the driving one does. If you have attempted reading your driver’s manual, you would have known that there are two recommended schedule for you to change your oil and oil filter. As confusing as it is, the driver’s manual has mentioned the “normal” driven vehicles and the “severe” driven vehicles. Severe driven vehicles are those that are taking less than 10 miles trips where it is dusty and dirty and usually place extra demands on the system such as towing a trailer or another vehicle. Any vehicle which doesn’t have these conditions should be considered under normally used vehicles. The owner’s manual also indicates the specific mileage suggestion for the particular vehicle’s engine.

When choosing a filter, always remember that there is a big difference between an economy filter and a top of the line filter. However, as to the price, there is only a small difference. For those who are using conventional oil and regularly change it every 3000 miles, they can get by the economy filter. However, for those who tends to forget frequently, a better filter is best recommended.

Familiarizing the Filter Parts and Wrenches

Before taking the steps to changing the filters, it is best that one should be familiar first with the parts and tools that are needed to be used.  The most known filter wrench is designed to loosen the spin-on filter. It has a metal band which contracts around the filter and then grips it upon turning the handle. There are also pliers-type oil filter wrenches which are a lot easier for one’s arms and hands to exert a force on the filter. There are also cases when a drain plug gasket is needed to seal the oil in.


Tools and materials needed

It is recommended that you have all the required materials near you or probably have it in a box for you to save more time and allow you to focus more on the task at hand knowing that you have everything you need in one place. Also, avoid last-minute shopping trips by listing all the materials required in advance. Here are the materials which you will need:

  1. Clean rags

  2. Old newspapers

  3. New oil filter

  4. Blocks of wood

  5. Flashlight

  6. A quart of oil

  7. Plastic bag

  8. Latex or nitrile gloves

  9. Car elevating ramps

How often to change an oil filter

Changing an oil filter may be an easy task, but it also takes patience and care to be completed successfully. Upon parking the vehicle, make sure that it will be somewhere on a level surface. One can use the blocks of wood in both the front and in the back part of the vehicle to ensure that it would not move and avoid accidents. Before doing anything, though, make sure to give your vehicle and its engine a time to cool down and avoid burning one’s self.

Once the engine has already cool down, open the vehicle’s hood and look for a round object which is protruding from the lower half of the engine. It is about a can soup size. It would be the filter. If you cannot remove it and grab it from the top, you can reach it through the underneath.


If you have already grabbed the oil filter, you can now remove it. Make sure that you have spread the newspapers on the ground where you are planning to lay down the filter. Also, do not forget to wear your gloves on to prevent yourself from getting dirty. To avoid the filter from being too slippery and make it easier to remove, clean it off by using rags.  Unscrew the filter by using the oil filter wrench which can be bought at any automotive maintenance shop. Turn the wrench counter-clockwise to loosen the filter.

Always remember that the oil is still inside the filter and is still hot. Thus, extra care and full attention must be considered especially when reaching this step.  Before installing the filter, rub around the rubber gasket clean oil which will help the new filter to fit snugly onto the engine block. Take the new filter and screw it on the engine block. Also keep in mind that what you want here is to tightly arrange the filter and not to tighten it over.  Tighten it until the O-ring touches the side of the engine block.

Then, you are finally done and can take your car again on your next adventure.

This article aims to take you to the step by step process of taking care of your car engine by performing one of the most critical maintenance chores which are the changing of the oil filter. It hopes to guide you by learning how to change the oil filter without getting to dirty and wasting time. This step will save you money and extend the lifespan of your car by thousand folds.


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