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How to Choose the Best RC Rock Crawler If You Are A Beginner

Plan to climb rocks and conquer hills? You are most likely in search of RC rock crawlers! And if you have come that far, you already know there are many options and many questions to be answered before you get your RC crawler.

When it comes to RC cars, there is a handful of options. But if you have already narrowed down your choices to crawlers, you are almost ready to take the next step. Oh, hold on a second! Do you have all the information needed to get what you really want to get started?

The most frequently asked questions about RC crawlers have to do with their price, the way they are powered, brand, resistance, features, motors, technology, and wheel drive.

Woh, that’s a lot of questions!!! No doubt! But when you are looking for RC rock crawlers for beginners, you should focus on the basics.

Let us give you a hint.


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Choosing RC Crawlers by the Process of Elimination

When you are wondering how to choose the best RC rock crawler if you are a beginner, you should eliminate some problems/questions to make your life easier. For instance:

  • There is no such thing as ‘the beginner’s luck’ here. You are bound to make some mistakes. Since you need to give yourself a break while learning how to use remote control crawlers, there is no need to buy expensive models.
  • But you don’t want to get toy stuff either unless you are eight. It’s always best to get average priced products, as we say ‘the best value for (less) money’.
  • Unless you are seeking a toy for your kid, go for a branded product so that you will find replacement parts easier and be sure of the crawler’s good quality.
  • If you are a beginner, you most likely want to try out your RC crawling experience when the weather is good. So there is no need to get waterproof models.

Now that we have cleared the air of the secondary issues, let’s focus on what beginners should know in order to choose the right RC rock crawler.

How to Choose RC Rock Crawlers for Beginners

If you are inexperienced with RC rock crawlers, what you want is hassle-free playing time, less maintenance, and easy solutions.

To answer one more question you might have, it’s best to get off-road crawlers than on-road ones. And that’s because the former runs on all surfaces – from your home corridors to the rocky hills nearby – whereas on-road crawlers will only run at home and in race tracks.

Back to the main features beginners in remote control rock crawlers should focus on.

Ready to Run or Kit?

RC rock crawler kits bring some excitement to those already experienced with this special hobby. What a kit includes is all the parts along with the instructions to build a remote control crawler from scratch. Daunting experience! If you are not intrigued by such challenges, don’t want to get disappointed before you even drive your very first RC crawler, lack the time, or simply want an RC rock crawler for beginners, DON’T get a kit.

It’s cheaper to buy a kit. But if you don’t know how to build RC cars, you might waste your money.

Instead, go for an RTR model. This stands for Ready to Run. You simply open the box and here it is. These models are a tad more expensive, but they don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Electric or Nitro RC Rock Crawlers?

This is the basic distinction between crawling RC cars. And let us be straight about it: Nitro RC rock crawlers are not the best choice for beginners.

First of all…

  • Nitro RC crawlers are noisy. And since you will most likely try them out at home too, you will have constant arguments with the family but also with neighbors.

And then…

  • These types of crawlers need to be fueled with nitro. So, you will have to have enough supplies to fuel the engine. And nitro fuel doesn’t come cheap either.

On top of the above…

  • Nitro crawlers often come in kits and need good maintenance.

They definitely make an excellent choice for experienced RC rock crawler drivers, especially those who are intrigued to repair problems and love car mechanics. But if you want an easy way to learn how to drive RC crawlers, refrain from buying nitro models.

Go for Electric RC Rock Crawlers

The advantage of electric RC rock crawlers is that they operate on a battery. All you have to do is open the box, charge the battery and drive your crawler. Simple, right? They also hardly need maintenance.


Most batteries will only last for about 20-30 minutes. Then you have two choices: you either wait till the battery recharges or carry an extra one with you. The downside is that extra batteries don’t come cheap either. But it’s the price you have to pay to have a bit more fun.

And then it’s the question of choosing between brushed and brushless motors

Choose the latter.

Brushed motors might be the cheapest ones, but they are not powerful or efficient.

On the other hand, brushless motors are more expensive but also reliable since they are made in accordance with the most recent technologies. They run fast, last long, and don’t need too much maintenance.

2WD or 4WD?

What’s the difference?

2WD models have only two of their wheels powered whereas 4WD ones have all four wheels powered.

One would say that 2WD options are best for beginners due to their lower price. Another advantage is that they don’t need a powerful motor in order to run. But as an overall, they are not very powerful compared to 4WD models. The latter ones offer a better steering and traction. So, we would recommend 4WD, especially if you are interested in off-road models.

Easy to decide?

The idea of beginner RC rock crawlers is to have a model, which is easy to keep and drive. That’s why getting an electric, out of the box, and 4WD model is the best choice.

Just as it happens with all new experiences, you might discover that this is not a hobby for you. You might get bored or lose interest after a few times of playing. So don’t start with high end products but don’t get fragile ones that will disappoint you either. After all, these special remote control cars crawl, roll, and might break. So, the idea is to have pretty sturdy materials but easy to use RC crawlers.

So, you got an idea on how to choose the best RC rock crawler if you are a beginner and don’t forget the main reason for getting involved is to have a blast. So do so!










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