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Car Care Tips

3 Good Reasons Why Ball Joints Go Bad

With the assurance that most ball joints last for the car’s lifetime, we drive down the road whistling away. That’s until we start hearing a banging noise or make a true effort to keep the car in a straight line. Oh, boy! Don’t we have bad news for you! These are simple signs of damaged […]

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How to Replace Ball Joints

Do you know how to replace ball joints? Hmm, you say! Why should I? Well, let us start with the basics: suspension parts wear out. We all have our share of experience! Now, what’s upsetting is that an annoying clicking sound Monday morning escalates to a thump Tuesday afternoon. And it’s then when you know […]

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Waterproofing your RC Rock Crawler with Ease

Remote controlled or radio controlled vehicles were first in presented during the late 1960’s by an Italian company which specializes in toy cars. Right then and there, car enthusiast flock to get a glimpse of the first ever radio controlled toy car which made the headlines. Since then, a bunch of other models came to […]

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