The Best Reviews of the World’s Fastest RC Crawlers

RC Rock Crawler fanatics want to always see something greater that what they currently have. They want to see something which they can compare their current truck and allow them to aim for the best. This has brought a lot of enthusiast to creatively come up with the enhancements and upgrades that are made available in the market.

This article wants to show you the greatest brands in the RC industry which has continuously impressed everyone in the field. We wanted everyone to have a better understanding as to which RC brand to get. We have provided you all the basic information needed and everything that one needs to know in a rock crawling vehicle. We have cited the best fastest RC truck and included reviews for the fastest RC Truck. So, continue reading and prepare for RC Rock Crawling shopping!

Getting to Know the Best 3 Fastest RC Cars Available in the Market

Do you have any idea as to how the fastest RC cars sound like? Are you aware that there exists an RC car that is capable of hitting 196 mph? This car has surpassed the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe which can only het a speed of 186 mph.  To even set the record straight, there is already a car invented that can go as fast as or even faster than an actual high-end sports car. However, it is something that still not commercially available.

Everyone wants a speedy car and with the technological advancement that we are enjoying nowadays, it can be easily achieved. Thus, we will provide you the list of the fastest RC cars available in the market.

 1. TOZO C1022 RC Car High Speed 32MPH 4X4 Fast Race Cars 1:18 RC Scale RTR Racing 4WD Electric Power Buggy W/2.4G Radio Remote Control Off-Road Truck Powersport Roadster

This Tozo Roadster is a very powerful monster that can be used both indoors and even in difficult terrains such as rock and snow. Its speed is also very impressive as it can take as much as 32mph. Its outer design can also wow all fanatics as it displays highly-built and monstrous aura that makes it look like the king of the road. This can certainly take the other brands when it comes to its built and look.

This car features the newest 1:18 full scale RC off-road truck and has a very wide control range that can take up to 100M. It has a very powerful motor and an independent shockproof system that can prevent damages caused by vibrations and intensity.

All in all, this is one of the best and the fastest RC crawlers available in the market. It is fast and powerful and has a very sturdy construction that provides assurance to the user as to its durability. Its rear spoiler is break resistant as it is made of soft and bendable plastic.

2. Top Race® Extreme High Speed Remote Control Car

The Top Race has an F1 body style and is extremely fast that can hit up to 30 mph.  It can definitely perform like all the other trucks in the market. The good thing about this car is it is very quiet amidst the speed that it can offer. The controls are very accurate.

The best thing about this RC Crawler is it is very lightweight and yet so durable. One can easily flip it over and adjust it according to the desired stunts. The wheels spin well and run smoothly. The back end of the car has suspension springs that makes it good for jumping.

3. illuOkey RC Car Sommon Swift RC Off-Road Cross Country Vehicle

This is one of the coolest RC Trucks in the market. It boasts its fashionable and realistic road cross country vehicle and superior traffic ability in overcoming obstacles. This is very accurate for drift racing since it can adapt the high toughness explosion proof PVC shell and has full metal bearing parts. It has a suspension shockproof system that prolongs the life span of the RC car. It can take up to 32 mph, so speed is never an issue.

It is built with a very powerful 2.4 GHz technology that supports a stable and steady performance of the vehicle. Its remote control power has a wide range of 50 meters. It is also equipped with a dependable battery that can allow longer play time and quick charge time. It is very easy to install since it comes with a clear and concise manual.

All in all, this is one of the greatest RC Crawlers that one can get for a very affordable price.

Above are the complete list of our best picked cars and includes our individual reviews for each of them. We only hope that this has provided you your needed guidelines and ideas in picking your RC cars.


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