The Best RC Rock Crawler Forums that One Needs to Know

The Rock Crawling habit is an enjoyable and exciting one which awakens the competitiveness of a person.  It allows a person to develop resourcefulness when it comes to upgrading and enhancing one’s unit. It also teaches a person to be more creative and diligent in discovering ways to improve one’s current rock crawler vehicle.

This is one of the many reasons why a lot of people rely on RC Rock Crawler Forums available online to be able to get the latest trends and techniques in rock crawling. These forums also provide helpful guidelines in setting up, enhancing and upgrading units. Joining forums will allow a person to mingle with all the rock crawler fanatics and share their individual ideas and experiences when it comes to RC Rock Crawler maintenance and updates. Friendly competitions worldwide are also posted in these forums to inform and encourage all the enthusiasts to join. These forums are becoming the avenue for all the aficionados to be in one community with those who share the same interest.

This article is intended for all those people who are in the rock crawling hobby and is seeking for a place where they can get ideas and updates. We have gathered the top five most recommended forums that will surely help you in any way possible as you embark your journey to a better rock crawling experience. Here are the following forums:



Screenshot forum is a site that is intended for all rock crawling fanatics as it boasts its ability to gather everyone in the rock crawling world. This site allows its members and visitors to showcase their individual rock crawlers as it allows them to post pictures and videos of their most-prized possession, their RC crawler units. It also has a lot menu buttons for members to choose from which includes the home page, where one can see the latest posts of members showcasing their units. It also allows its members and visitors to view the live feed straight from each unit that is currently running or is competing. This allows everyone to see how one model works and how it performs.

The best thing about this site is that it requires all members to be registered first to participate in the forum which will filter all those who will be posting and participating. This will allow a person to be assured that all members in the forum are RC crawler owners and knows what they are saying on the forums.

In addition, this site also includes reviews and recommendations for the best RC crawler units and their spare parts. These parts and units can also be purchased in their RCC merchandise which is very accessible to everyone as their sit will automatically land you to the purchasing site.

All in all, RC is the best forum site for everyone since it does not only limit itself for forums  but serves as an all-in-one avenue where one can get all the rock crawling needs.

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2. Scale 4×4 R/C


Screenshot forum

Scale 4×4 R/C is a very member-friendly site that tackles a lot of topic regarding RC rock crawlers. This also has menu options that will be suitable for all members to choose from including the gallery menu, forums and FAQs. They include their featured vehicles and their most honest and dependable reviews for each to be able to help those who still need more ideas and guidelines when it comes to RC crawling. They have included topics that talks about the best manufacturers and retailers in their discussion to guide those beginners in their first purchases to avoid regrets and spending unnecessary costs.

The discussions are all very simple and are laid out in a very comprehensive manner. The best thing about this site is that it also renders tribute to those trucks that have been passed on and have been models and inspirations in the past for the creation of the latest models in the market. They show the evolution of rock crawler vehicles.

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3. RC Tech


Screenshot forum

RC Tech is also one of our recommended sites. The top part of its homepage is the compilation of their photos and featured RC crawlers and manufacturers.

RC Tech is a very easy to use and comprehend forum since all the topics being discussed are all highlighted and one just needs to search for the topic which they are interested in. They can easily browse on the threads of each topic so they can read the important discussions and can still be updated with the latest news. For those who need guidance and step by step process in their disputes, this site also provides a way for all members to reach out to the concerned manufacturers, retailers or brands to be able to settle all issues and concerns in a civil way.

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4. Ultimate RC


Screenshot forum

Ultimate RC is one of the best forum sites in the RC rock crawling industry as it does not only serves as a platform for all members to see the latest and the most trending RC crawlers in the market by the videos and photos shown in its gallery menu, it also tackles different topics about RC crawlers.

Upon seeing the landing page of the site, it is very visible how organize the topics are. This will allow one to easily find the topics which one is interested in. All the topics are very sensible and will surely help all the members.

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5. RC Universe


Screenshot forum

Just like all the sites mentioned above, RC Universe also boasts the necessary options that are needed for one to have an easier access to topics and discussions. This allows a person to track and be part of all the discussions in the forum that interest him or her.

Aside from the usual forum options, this site also provides buy and sell options for their members to see the latest in the RC industry. In addition, it also provides reviews that give its members honest feedback on brands and comparison on similar brands.

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