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What the Term Clod Stall in RC Rock Crawling Means

In the world of radio controlled rock crawlers, there is a term widely used by its enthusiasts and that is “clod Stall”. A clod stall is said to be caused by an imbalanced load on each motor of the rock crawlers. Say, for example, a quarter of a throttle could give off two joules of […]

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Waterproofing your RC Rock Crawler with Ease

Remote controlled or radio controlled vehicles were first in presented during the late 1960’s by an Italian company which specializes in toy cars. Right then and there, car enthusiast flock to get a glimpse of the first ever radio controlled toy car which made the headlines. Since then, a bunch of other models came to […]

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The Best 4 Nitro RC Cars in the Market

Nitro-powered cars are known to be faster than electric trucks. These type of cars can strike 70 mph to 90 mph mark and can possibly run on a special fuel made  specifically for radio controlled RCs. There may be a few feedbacks as to the maintenance and loudness of this cars but they sure can […]

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Important Tips: How to build a rock crawler

There are times when we wonder how a vehicle can overcome seemingly impossible terrains. However, one thing is very certain, no one is born with wheeling expertise. Everyone has to go through the trial and error phase and experienced being a failure in the field. This is the reason why we have come up with […]

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The Important Things to Know About Oil Filters

Oil filter is engineered to remove noxious waste from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil. This is used in various types of machinery which includes and arouses our interest in the usage of oil filter in internal-combustion engine in every motor vehicle.  There are different types of vehicles which have a hydraulic […]

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The Best Motor Oils for Your Car

Picking and deciding the best motor oil for one’s car is one of the most daunting tasks in maintaining one’s car. Who would have thought that the convenience of owning a car gives is also paired with a lot of maintenance and other responsibilities? There are a lot of things to consider but if you […]

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